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Our everyday lives have changed this year. However, the process of taking care of our healthcare needs should not. The New Jersey Hospital Association (NJHA) wants you to know that NJ hospitals are safe, secure, and we are here to care for you NOW.

Educate yourself on NJ hospitals’ safety protocols, learn firsthand how NJ residents feel about going to a hospital for treatment, and embrace life stories from real people that have experienced an inpatient or outpatient procedure or have taken a trip to the emergency room within a NJ hospital since COVID-19 hit in March 2020.

New Jersey hospitals were ranked


safest in the nation.

Hospital Safety Grade 2019
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Do you feel safe visiting NJ hospitals during the pandemic?

Safety Protocols

Learn about the safety protocols that all NJ hospitals follow and explore hospital-specific guidelines.

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Survey Outcomes

How do NJ residents genuinely feel about the comfort and safety of our hospitals? NJHA conducted a statewide survey to capture their thoughts firsthand.

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Survey Outcomes

How do NJ residents genuinely feel about the comfort and safety of our hospitals? NJHA conducted a statewide survey to capture their thoughts firsthand.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Aren’t hospitals filled with COVID-19 patients?

NJ hospitals have the space, staff, and supplies to care for all patients. Hospitals have continued to care for non-COVID-19 cases throughout the public health emergency, including life-saving surgeries, births, trauma services, and emergency care. NJ hospitals safely cared for nearly 350,000 people with non-COVID-19 needs at the pandemic height in March and April. In April, COVID-19 patients represented just 20 percent of the total number of patients in NJ hospitals, and COVID-19 admissions to hospitals continue to decline. In September, COVID-19 admissions represented less than 5% of patients in NJ hospitals.

2. What changes are hospitals making to protect people?

From our survey outcomes, we know what is important to you, and our hospitals are vigilant with their precautions, protections, and safety protocols to protect patients and staff. We have changed the physical space within hospitals to better serve you during this time and for the future. Waiting areas have been reconfigured to allow social distancing, physical barriers have been added, and hospitals have strict “cohorting” processes to ensure that individuals with COVID-19 are cared for in entirely separate units than others. Hospitals also are using best practices in infection control and prevention, and environmental services to decontaminate spaces. You’ll also see people throughout the hospital wearing face masks – staff and patients alike. It’s part of hospitals’ added precautions to ensure patient and community safety and provide some extra peace of mind.

3. How will hospitals protect against COVID-19 that exists in our surrounding communities?

Understanding how COVID-19 is spread is one of the best ways to keep you and others safe. Each NJ hospital has a team of infection prevention and control experts that specialize in preventing and treating illnesses that can spread from person to person. These infectious disease experts guide the work of hospitals, protecting patients, visitors, and staff, and ensure that NJ hospitals follow the most current, best safety protocols.

In addition to each hospital’s infection prevention and control expertise, NJ hospitals follow or exceed the guidance from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the New Jersey Department of Health, and local departments of public health.

Life Stories

Hear directly from NJ residents that have experienced a medical procedure within the hospital or have taken a trip to the emergency room.


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